Management organization

Since the establishment in 2006 of the legal predecessor (Pannon-Pólus non-profit Kht.) of PANNON-PÓLUS non-profit Kft., the System Science Innovation Cluster has been operating as a management organisation. As part of this, in addition to the traditional coordination and support role, it also discharges expertise and advisory functions. These include:

  • finding new members, generate joint projects,
  • forward academic knowledge towards businesses,
  • promote intra-cluster and extra-cluster cooperations,
  • create joint expertise and other databases,
  • identify and present new solutions,
  • mediate and provide expert services (accounting, legal, financial)
  • initiate training and education programmes,
  • organise professional presentations

The two owners of the management organisation cooperate in person in order to promote the activities of the organisation, while the high quality discharging of the advisory duties are supported by a legal and tax expert.


Innováció Menedzsment és Inkubátor Szolgáltató non-profit Kft.

Operating premise: 8230 Balatonfüred, Fürdő u. 17/B.

Company registration number: Cg. 19-09-511333

Tax No.: 22340720-2-19

Core activity: Activity code (TEAOR) 08’7022 Business and other management consultancy

Representative: Gábor Ujhelyi, cluster manager, polytologue

External experts and advisors:

  • Ákos Balogh, business administrator specialised in legal matters
  • dr. Judit Nesz Law firm – dr. Judit Nesz, attorney-at-law
  • Bakter Könyvvizsgáló és Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Kft. – Terézia Bakosné Horváth, auditor